Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finally a post about Sugoicon!

It took me a lot longer than I had intended, but my thoughts have finally come together and here is a post about the event that I participated in back in early November.  ((Okay, so not so much my thoughts as much as I finally got my images off my camera and edited... XD))  Sugoicon is a Northern KY anime convention that has been going on for several years, and I had not been to the event for a very long time despite it having been my first anime convention.  It was very exciting as well as slightly nerve-racking, admittedly.

I would like to start by giving a great big thank you to Miss Linda over at I Just Work Here.  She was a great help with getting things together and helping me set up and she sat with me for the first day and a half of the convention so that I was not alone and was able to take the occasional short break where the opportunity arose.

The lovely Miss Linda.  Complete with cat ears.
What?  It was an anime convention!  Of course there's cat ears!

She was also the photographer for all of the images of my Artist Alley table, having taken many lovely details of it as well.  She did a wonderful job of really capturing the table... after having helped me set it all up to begin with. ^_^  I suppose I shall begin with those.
There I am!  It's a Bardic Kitty!
And yes, I totally has black and red cat ears of my own!  How could a girl named Kitty not wear cat ears at an anime convention!?

A close-up of the lovely banner that my sister-in-law, the Crochet Lady, helped me put together and ordered for me.  Find her over at

And there you have it!  My chainmail jewelry and art prints 
displayed lovingly with help of my brilliant assistant. 

I had a lot of success at this event, for which I was very pleased and surprised.  It really helped to prove to me that the venue is more important than I gave credit for.  My experience at Sugoicon was so far removed from the craft shows that I had attended previously.  It was also extremely fun and I got to see a lot of awesome costumes, some of which I got pictures of but don't plan to post here because this is already a very photo-heavy post. XD

The most popular item at the convention were my little scalemail flowers.  They were, in fact, a new item being sold for the first time at Sugoicon.  Linda, in particular seemed to really love them.  But I'm sure you can see that for yourself.
D'aaawww!!  Isn't it such a cute little flower!

Most of the little scale flowers were sold simply as pairs of earrings, and I feel like I did very little else but make flower earrings all weekend. People loved them and they were perhaps priced a little lower than they could have been considering how much everyone loved them and how many I sold.  ^_^()  But it's a learning experience!  We'll see how things go in the future.

Either way, here is a picture of the lovely Orihime from Bleach wearing a pair of purple flowers.  Fitting, I would say, considering that the character's design includes floral hair pins.

The other thing that I have done with these flowers was that I got a custom order request for a necklace made using rainbow flowers.  It turned out looking really awesome if I do say so myself.

She requested a necklace and this is what I came up with.
Then, of course, I made earrings to match.
Don't let her expression fool you! She totally loved the set!

So that was Sugoicon.  ^_^  Tons of fun, much success, and a total learning experience in all the best ways.  Admittedly, I had to fight with my social anxiety issues a little and there was once or twice where I had to retreat to the room for some quiet.  I also received an art commission while I was there, which I will post as soon as I get the okay from the commissioner.  It's of her and her girlfriend, so I don't want to risk putting it online anywhere she may be able to see it before the commissioner can give her a print of it.

That's me... signing off because I have so many things to be working on right now.  ^_^()  Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and the report.

Future posts may or may not include: Writing updates, including a possible publication attempt.  Webcomic planning news that is directly related to gaming stuff and will also probably involve posting of some of my actual art.  And also, likely, some pixel crochet sprite characters to follow.

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