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Vampires and Breakfast and Dogs, OH MY! ~AKA: a semi-late post about October's events

Back in late October, I had two events that I attended as an Artist / Jewelry Maker. The first was a local Halloween Expo called A Day of Mystical Bloodlust ( ) that took place on October 22nd. It was originally coined as a Paranormal Romance convention, but due to a change in venue they had to tone it down a bit and thus why it became called a Halloween Expo. On the one hand, kind of annoying, but they were really lucky to find someone kind enough to host the event on an extremely short notice, so I really don't mind so much. ^_^

Below are a couple pictures of my setup for the event:

Yes, there is a little sign there on the corner of the table. That was from my sister-in-law Jessica of “Jessica's Creations” ( )-- also known as the Crochet Lady over on her blog ( ). She was originally going to share the table with me, but things came up. She was only able to sit with me and didn't really have any appropriately themed merchandise... So when she ran to do some errands after dropping me off to set up we set out a sign advertising the one project she was going to be able to have a couple of.

In case you can't read it in the small version:

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Vampire Sock Monkeys. Jessica makes sock monkey hats (amongst many other completely adorable crochet items) and for this event she stitched on little fangs and blood droplets. They were a real hit and she sold the couple that she was able to make, one of which was a commission piece she made for a little boy as we were sitting there. Unfortunately, they sold so fast that we were unable to take pictures, so I have no examples to show. ^_^() I'm hoping after the holiday season is up she'll have time to make another one and I'll post a picture if I can.

All in all, the event was a lot of fun-- albeit much smaller than everyone had been hoping that it would be. I managed to sell a couple pairs of earrings as well as a commission 'bow tie' necklace which I was unable to get a picture of before it changed hands. I got to meet a lot of really interesting people, too, like the guys sitting next to me who make their own sci-fi spoof webseries called “Breakfast Impossible.” You can find info about it on Facebook ( ) or watch the episodes on YouTube ( ).  They were really great guys who were funny and friendly on top of being really into what they do.  I have to say also that what I've seen/heard of the series thus far is pretty hilarious, though also not particularly suited for a younger audience. (disclaimer and all, huzzah!)  You should check 'em out if I've managed to make you curious at all!

There was also a dance/ball after the event.  Which, admittedly, was very tiny because very few people stayed for it, which was really sad.  Still!  It was an opportunity to get all dressed up, so how could I possibly pass it up?

A little boy asked me what I was and when I told him I was a cat, he looked me funny and said that I didn't look like a cat.  My response was "Sure I do!  See my ears! *points at them*"  To this, he simply looked me in the eye and said "No" and then took off to follow his parents who were leaving.  XD  I have to say, I admire the kid's spunk if nothing else...

The other event I went to in October was the next day, October 23rd, was a bit less interesting for me just on a personal level. I accompanied Jessica (same one as previously mentioned) to a somewhat local, annual event called the Canine Olympics. She loves dogs, has a dog, and also crochets dog sweaters as well as hats and baby clothes, so it was really her event that day whereas mine was more of the Mystical Bloodlust. Because... well... Unfortunately, I am not much of a dog person... That being said I can totally get behind the purpose of the event given that it is held by the Humane Society and I'm pretty sure it is entirely done as a fund-raising opportunity. (Jessica has the better information, so if you have any questions, you can direct them to the Crochet Lady ^_^() heh... sorry)

We shared a tent space at this event, with her using the provided table for her larger and more theme appropriate items:
((Dog sweaters there on the left side of the table, in case you were wondering))

While I set up on a folding table next to her and kept her company. ^_^

I did manage to sell a pair of earrings or two that day as well, but did not do nearly as well as I had the previous day (which was also not as much as I would have liked). Still, I was able to pass out a ton of business cards and meet a lot of very nice people, so it was totally worth it on both accounts.

And even if I don't really like being around dogs very much, I can still appreciate the beauty / adorable factor that come with some animals. Especially since it was near Halloween and one of the events was a costume contest for the dogs. XD

A couple of my favorites to follow:

I don't think this one needs any description... XD Some people are so creative!

And this is just so adorable with the matching outfits! So cuuute!

So that about wraps up my description of the events that I participated in during the month of October. I'm pretty sure I covered all the finer points and hopefully I was able to make you smile a bit. ^_^ Now I will go off and continue to be productive with myself.

Next post.... Sugoicon!

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